Helena Lopes


São Paulo, Brazil / Weston, Florida


B.A. Dual degree from Florida State University in International Affairs (concentration: Philosophy) and English: Editing, Writing, and Media.


Anthropology, the democratization and decolonization of scientific knowledge, intersection of indigenous knowledge and Western knowledge, Brazil, the Amazon, Xingu peoples, indigenous knowledge systems, Brazilian universities, Latin American urban centers, "study up," transdisciplinarity, anthropology advocacy.


Born in Brazil and raised in South Florida, I have always had a keen interest in other cultures and realities. Following my undergraduate studies in International Relations and English, I gained professional experience at a non-profit NGO. Itching to learn more about the world on my own, and valuing the knowledge that displacement could offer me, I became certified in ESL and worked in Tokyo, Japan teaching English to adults and children, traveling throughout other countries in Asia as much as I could. My experience in such a vastly different cultural context proved to be momentous in finding my interest in Anthropology. I then lived and worked for two years in São Paulo, Brazil, teaching English, translating for various organizations, traveling a bit throughout South America, and taking extension coursework in Anthropology at the University of São Paulo. I look forward to developing a research project on the intersection of indigenous and Western knowledge(s) within the context of Brazil and the Brazilian Amazon, as well as growing as a scholar and writer.