Beatriz Domínguez Alemán


Santiago, Chile / Miami, Florida


BA in Anthropology with a minor in Cultural Politics, Cum Laude, Alberto Hurtado University, Chile


Gender, sexuality, migration, race and ethnicity, postcolonial studies, film/photography


My childhood was marked by three different cultures: the first being Chilean, my father's birthplace; the second is Puerto Rican, where my mother was born, and the third is from Florida, United States, where I lived for a couple of years. As a result of my multicultural status, I constantly found myself struggling with my identity. As a result, my interest in cultural Anthropology came as a natural choice.

After working in different rural localities and impoverished areas in countries such as Colombia, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Chile (particularly in the south in indigenous localities and island communities), I became profoundly interested in Latin America and its particularities in terms of the postcolonial impacts in the construction of their cultural identities. One of the key moments in my career, was my shift towards gender and migration studies. During that time, I wrote my thesis on transnational Peruvian live-in nannies living in Santiago, Chile. This stemmed my interest in postcolonial studies, race, identity and gender which years later would develop into the creation of two photographic series “The construction of a self-portrait I & II” that was showcased in Florida, London and Rome as well as in several magazines in Europe.

My interest in pursuing the MALAS program is mainly to strengthen my knowledge in these subjects and explore them through academic writing as well as photographic/ audiovisual mediums.