Anthony Baxter Jr,


Winston-Salem, North Carolina


B.A. Africana Studies with distinction, Winston-Salem State University.  


African spirituality and religious systems, Diaspora Studies, identity formation, sexuality, human rights, Haiti, and Cuba.


The passion for studying the complexities within the religious, cultural, and historical traditions of the Caribbean deepened after I took a course called the African presence in the Americas. This course exposed me to a variety of literature and theories that critique the dominant narratives about the Caribbean that are circulated by mainstream media and imperialist nations. After studying abroad in Cuba the summer of my junior year, I began to focus my research and coursework around topics related to African traditional religions in the Caribbean (Lukumi, Vodoun, and Obeah) and the effects of the World Bank & IMF loans in Haiti. These interests led me to create a senior thesis that critiques the acceptance of foreign aid in Haiti and how it helps facilitate the goals of neocolonialism. I am excited to be a part of the MALAS program to expand my knowledge of my interests and further develop my research skills to create work that is conducive to the fields of both Africana and Caribbean studies.