The Virtual Connections Network (VCN) is a free initiative that brings an expert into your classroom to engage students on matters concerning Latin America, its cultures, and its peoples. The VCN schedule will be published at the start of each academic year by semesters (beginning of October & early January). Please request only one virtual visit per semester.

VCN Request Form

We are currently accepting requests for VCN sessions for Spring of 2022. Please complete the request form here:

We will need: your name and email, grade level, class time, date, language of presentation, selected topic 

Suitcase Themes

(available at all grade levels)

  • Afro-Latin America
  • Careers
  • Childhood in Latin America
  • Latin American Economies
  • Indigenous Peoples of Latin America
  • Latin American Food
  • Latin American Music
  • Latin American Traditional Attire
  • National Identity & Symbols
  • Science in Latin America
  • Traveling Around Latin America

Special Topics

Here are a list of tentative topics with their grade level availability noted (E=Elementary, MH=Middle & High School, HE=Higher Ed):

  • Coffee production, fair trade and environmental certifications (E, MH, HE)
  • Latin American Archaeology (E, MH, HE)
  • Cities and Urban Design in Latin America (E, MH, HE)
  • Ancient Maya (E, MH, HE)
  • Mexico City (E, MH, HE)
  • Latin American immigrant experiences in the U.S. (MH, HE)
  • Language teaching & value for specific purposes (MH, HE)
  • Latin American Literature (MH, HE)
  • Ethnomusicology and Research (MH, HE)
  • Race and racism in the U.S. and Latin America (MH)
  • The importance of bilingualism (E, MH)
  • Latin American and Caribbean Migration (MH, HE)
  • Environmentally and socially responsible products in the Colombian market (E, MH, HE)
  • Conservation, grassroots development, and agriculture (MH, HE)