Below is an archive of previous activities held for the Summer Educator Institute. We encourage you to look through our previous activities, as well as to view the upcoming Summer Educator Institute initiatives.

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June 9 - 18, 2018
Global Teacher Leader Institute in Campeche, Mexico

2018 Institute

This institute introduced global competencies and helped educators integrate global themes within their daily curriculum. The innovative uses of technology to collaborate across borders was a key component of the program. Sample topics that were addressed were comparative education, identity and belonging, and sustainable development.

Participants learned different ways to better prepare our students to navigate an increasingly complex world where problem-solving and critical thinking needs to take local and global perspectives into account. Florida is considered the gateway to Latin America based on proximity, trade, and the number of visitors from the region. An introduction to the region contributed to increased understanding of the variety of Latino populations in our communities and schools. In this program, participants learned about Mexico as one example of the countries that make up the fascinating world region of Latin America.

The institute also included some virtual pre-departure meetings, in addition to follow-up activities once back in the U.S. We are committed to supporting teachers as they integrate new ideas into the curriculum aligned with their local requirements and standards.

Sponsors: University of Florida Center for Latin American Studies as a United States Department of Education TVI National Resource Center, Universidad Autonoma de Campeche, Instituto Campechano, Volusia County Sister Cities

June 9-15, 2017
Global Teacher Leader Institute in Sarapiqui, Costa Rica

Summer Teach InstIn summer 2017, eleven educators from across the United States participated in the week-long Global Teacher Leader Institute in Sarapiqui, Costa Rica. The UF Center for Latin American Studies created and sponsored this professional development program in collaboration with Holbrook Travel. It was led by Outreach Director Dr. Mary Risner and designed to introduce global competencies and help educators integrate global themes into their daily curriculum. Key Institute themes ranged from comparative education and sustainable development to identity and belonging. The Institute also opened dialogue on innovative uses of technology for collaboration across borders, reflecting on Florida itself as a cultural, economic, and geographic gateway to Latin America.

The Institute recruited K-12 educators from all subject areas and grade levels to encourage interdisciplinary perspectives and collaboration. Participating teachers represented social studies, science, world language, administration, and language arts. One participant, high school teacher Brian Crouch of Palm Beach County, shared his thoughts on the benefits of the Institute: “[the] biggest thing was real-world experience. It was great to travel to another country and see how those teachers experience the same frustrations and have similar goals as U.S. teachers…to network with other U.S. teachers as well as the University of Florida, and learn about various resources that I can now use in my classroom.” 

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JUNE 22-29, 2014

‌The Summer Teacher Institute Belize was a week-long professional development experience with the University of Florida Center for Latin American Studies and the Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education in the rainforest of Belize (BFREE).  Find an overview of the Institute in this Belize Presentation.

Interdisciplinary Activities Included: 

  • Tour of the Belize Zoo  and Tropical Education Center with conservationist Sharon Matola
  • Interacted with the Maya Center Women's Cooperative
  • Tried traditional Mayan Lunch
  • Hiked through diverse Ecosystems in the Bladen Reserve at BFREE
  • Identified Birds
  • Learned about the BFREE Harpy Eagle Project
  • Explored the nightlife on Walks, netting Bats, and catching Wildlife on Camera
  • Studied River Health at BFREE
  • Tour of a Cacao & Coffee Agroforestry Farm
  • Stayed Overnight with a Maya Family in Golden Stream Community
  • Snorkeled in the Belize Barrier Reef
  • Discovered Coastal Ecosystems with Southern Environmental Association

Outreach Image

Where in Central America IS Belize?!

Map provided by
Island Expeditions Co

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JULY 26-28, 2011

In collaboration with the Florida Museum of Natural History (FLMNH), the Center for Latin American Studies offered a summer teacher institute entitled "Ecosystems of Latin America." The goal of this institute was to guide teachers through a discovery of Latin American Studies and how international content can be integrated across the curriculum and using emerging technologies and local resources such as the museum. Content addressed state science standards making connections between the broad theme of ecosystems to specific topics such as plant, animal and human interaction within the systems.  

To view the Wikispace for this summer institute, click here.

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MacPiccGroupIn 2008 the Center was awarded Fulbright-Hays Group Project Abroad funding to take twelve K–12 teachers to Ecuador and Peru for four weeks. During that time teachers attended seminars, met with local indigenous communities, and visited a variety of cultural sites. 

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