We are frequently asked for help with requesting the DS2019 needed by a Brazilian collaborator or student to apply for their visa to visit UF as a visiting scholar or researcher. PLEASE NOTE THAT DS2019s ARE HANDLED BY THE UF INTERNATIONAL CENTER. The information provided below is provided as a guide and applicants should confirm that it is current by checking with UFIC’s Exchange Visitor Services. Please also note the process can take 30-60 days (though it often takes less); ask visitors to plan accordingly.

The paperwork all gets submitted to UFIC electronically via evs@ufic.ufl.edu.
Step-by-step submission instructions with links to forms are on the UFIC website, where you can also find a checklist.

You will need to submit the following to UFIC:

  1. Verification of funding. (A copy of the fellowship offer letter and a translation to English with amounts posted in US dollars and the name of Organization/Government/Agency funding). If the fellowship is less than $1500 per month for an individual, they need to show they have funds in a personal account to cover the difference; to do so use the Certificate of Financial Responsibility and Current Bank Statement.
  2. Copy of J Program invitation letter (signed by exchange visitor and host). Note there are different templates depending on if the hosting UF department is paying the visitor or not).
  3. Copy of scholar’s biodata page of a current passport and any dependents (if applicable)
  4. Copy of the receipt indicating payment of the EVS processing fee of USD $100 for each original DS2019 form to be issued
  5. DS2019 Request Form: EV DS-2019 Request Form  You can find instructions to select Subject/Field Code (CIP code) to describe EV’s activities here

The most efficient process is to do the following in order:

  1. Request a UFID Number from the person in your department who is responsible for hiring/personnel
    • First Name:
    • Last Name:
    • DOB:
    • Home address with City, State, Zip
    • Place of Birth:
    • Telephone:
  2. Fill out #2 above (invitation letter template) and send to the candidate via email for signature along with the request for:
    • Copy of passport biodata page, diploma, fellowship offer letter, and statement of financial responsibility if needed
    • CV in English
    • Translation of diploma, fellowship offer letter, and bank statement (if needed). The translations do not have to be prepared by a certified translator, if they are not by a certified translator the FBLI can write a letter attesting to its accuracy.
    • proof of payment of the SEVIS fee.
  3. Fill out a DS2019 Request form (you need to the UFID to complete it, and may also need some information from the visitor).
  4. Get the signature of #2 from the Department Chair and the Departmental Contact (often the inviting faculty member).
  5. Submit to UFIC via evs@ufic.ufl.edu.
    • Once approved UFIC will send you a pdf you can send to the visitor; on this form will be the number they need to set up their interview at the consulate. They will need the original, however, which you can either have UFIC send them by providing a FedEx account number or request it either be mailed to your campus address or pick up in person at UFIC and you can send it to them yourself.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at embruna@ufl.edu or UFIC directly at evs@ufic.ufl.edu.

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