The Florida-Brazil Linkage can assist faculty and students with Brazil-related proposals in a number of ways, including:

  • Suggesting potential collaborators and institutional partners in Brazil.
  • Providing letters of support for projects emphasizing that UF is the leading institution in the country to study Brazil-related issues and underscoring that the proposed project will strengthen and expand UF-Brazil collaborations.
  • Assuming the many of the Brazil-related logistics for the project such as:
    • Preparing requests to UFIC for DS2019 forms needed to issue visas to visitors from Brazil.
    • Preparing collaborative agreements with partner institutions for submission to the UF International Center.
    • Translations.
    • Assisting with the submission of research permits.
    • Assistance with travel arrangements.
    • Assistance with visas for US personnel.
    • Cultural briefings and language training.
    • Note that this level of support usually requires the project budget include funding for OPS or TEAMS staff that will be dedicated to your project; if interested in discussing different options please contact Emilio Bruna.

Good luck with your proposals!

Acre Picture

Students and faculty from UF & Brazil studying community-based forest management in Acre (Photo by E. Bruna).

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