Students who wish to pursue an MA with the internship option are required to sign up for 3-6 credits of LAS 6949.  The internship will be graded on an S/U basis. Each credit hour of an internship requires 45 hours of work with a host institution. For 3 credits, therefore, an internship requires 135 hours of work, 6 credits requires 270 hours of works. Internships can be paid or unpaid.  Both students and the host agency will have explicit guidelines and expectations agreed upon in writing and approved by the graduate coordinator (see internship guidelines).  The work should be substantive and related to Latin American/Latino Studies. Students should have a UF faculty member serve as instructor of record. An official representative of the agency providing the internship opportunity should serve as the internship supervisor and submit a written evaluation to the instructor of record.

Students pursuing the internship option will submit a final research paper to a supervisory committee of two faculty members with graduate faculty status in Latin American Studies (see internship guidelines). Internship students will also make a public presentation or defense of their final paper, which will be evaluated by the supervisory committee and constitute a final exam for the MA degree.

Details about the MALAS internship option can be found here:

MALAS Internship Guidelines
LAS Plan of Internship
MALAS Internship Agreement

Finding Internships

Internships related to Latin America, the Caribbean, or Latinos in the US can offer unique opportunities for applied or practical learning.  “Real world” experience can inform and deepen classroom study, and vice versa, and clarify or open up career possibilities related to Latin American Studies.

The Center for Latin American Studies offers a variety of internships through local, state, national and international networks and through alumni linkages.  Students may also choose to develop their own internships or pursue one through the opportunities listed on the Center’s website: 

Additional information about internship possibilities can be found at the following:

UF Career Resource Center:
UT-Austin Enlace Career Center: