Kichwa (Quechua) Culture Through Language

LAS 3930
SECTION 1012, CLASS # 28784

Days: Tuesdays, 10:40 am -12:35 pm
Thursdays, 10:40 – 11:30 am

Location: Ustler Hall 0105

Graduate students are welcome to audit this class or use it as part of the requirements for an independent study supported by a faculty member.

Kichwa/Quechua is one of the major native’s languages in South America. Nowadays, more than ten million people speak its different variants (dialects), from the South of Colombia to the North of Argentina. It was the language of the Inca Empire and it also became a lingua franca for indigenous peoples and missionization in colonial times. This seminar is aimed at students of anthropology, linguistics, geography, and aligned disciplines, undergraduate and graduate, without the need for prior knowledge. About fifty percent of the class will focus on the acquisition of basic language skills and the rest will consider aspects such as culture, history and political participation.


Kleber Naula Yautibug 
Student, Masters in Latin American Studies program
Center for Latin American Studies

Research Interests

Andean Studies, Indigenous Population, Democracy and Ethnic Political Participation in Latin America.

Geographic Expertise