Facilitation Skills for Adaptive Management

LAS 6291
SECTION 42A7, CLASS # 19306

Days: Thursdays
Times: 5:10 – 8:10 pm
Location: Grinter Hall 376

Course description

Professionals working in Conservation and/or Development must know how to work collaboratively as members of in-house teams, inter-organizational partnerships and projects requiring engagement with diverse stakeholder groups. Effective collaboration requires a specific set of skills that range from designing and running effective meetings to helping diverse and often competing interests work and plan together. Graduate students in this class will develop and strengthen facilitation skills and approaches through practice and reflection. By the end of the class participants should feel more confident leading groups, facilitating group decision-making and being effective collaborative problem-solvers both off and on campus.


Rebecca Williams Small 
 Dr. Rebecca Williams
 Visiting Assistant Professor
 Center for Latin American Studies
 Masters of Sustainable Development Practice Program
 Tropic Conservation and Development Program
 University of Florida
 Email: rjwillia@ufl.edu
 Pronouns: she/her/hers

Research Interests
Intersection of climate change, migration and violence; gender, intersectionality, and masculinities; participatory and qualitative methods; indigenous communities; development practice; critical feminism

Geographic Expertise
Central America, Guyana