Black Diaspora and Intellectual Thought Across the Americas

LAS 4935
SECTION 1177, CLASS # 26558
LAS 6938
SECTION 1177, CLASS # 26690

Days: Tuesdays
Times: 9:35 am – 12:35 pm
Location: Institute of Black Culture 107


Course description

As scholar Rinaldo Walcott (2020) recently prompted, our present-day analyses of Black Life vis-à-vis Black Diaspora studies must ask the questions why diaspora and what’s at stake? In doing so, Walcott also encourages an exploration of Black Diaspora studies that contends with anti-Blackness. Beginning with these questions, this course aims to underscore how Black folk have constructed and continue to produce intellectual thought, critical theory, and insurgent praxis that is attentive to Black Life and anti-Blackness across the boundaries of the nation-state. To do so, this graduate seminar will engage with a range of key interlocutors and theories –some established and others emerging—that are attentive to the dialectical of foreclosure and imagination of Being. We will engage with these ideas from a transdisciplinary and transtemporal approach, ensuring a multifaceted reading of Black intellectuals and Black theory from the United States, Latin America, and Caribbean. This seminar will be held in the Institute of Black Culture on Tuesdays from 9:35am-12:35pm.


Christopher L. Busey
Associate Professor
College of Education
Center for Latin American Studies
392 Grinter Hall
Gainesville, FL 32611-5530
Tel: 352-392-5235

Research Interests
Critical race theory; critical theories of race; Black civic education; Black Diaspora education; Black studies and education; Latina/o studies and education; Afro-Latina/o and Afro-Latin American studies in education; intellectual thought and history; Black political thought and education; social education and curriculum studies; sociology of education; critical pedagogy; culturally responsive learning

Geographic Expertise

African diaspora in the Americas