A Sense of Justice: Afro-descendent and Indigenous anti-colonial struggles in Abya Yala

LAS 4935
SECTION 1155, CLASS #22563
LAS 6938
SECTION 1133, CLASS # 14562

Days: Wednesdays
Times: 11:45 am - 2:45 pm

Location: Grinter 376


Course description

In recent years, diverse regions of Abya Yala have witnessed diverse expressions of racial retrenchment, including the re-intensification of racialized and gendered violence with continued forms of territorial dispossession. In many ways the Covid-19 pandemic has come to aggravate and render even more evident such structural and extreme forms of violence. This graduate seminar seeks to critically interrogate the unfolding of current historical conditions, by engaging with current debates in Latin America on the continuation of colonial structures of power as part of the production of State violence. What critical questions do anti-racist and anti-colonial actions pose for thinking through current expressions of of State violence? How are these mobilizations theorizing the political and on what aspects of political action to they place emphasis? In what ways are understandings of justice emerging from and enacted by these struggles?

   Mariana Mora
   Bacardi Scholar
   Center for Latin American Studies

Research Interests
Decolonization, Indigenous autonomy, Legal activism, Transformative justice, Antiracism, Racialized violence, Gender equality

Geographic Expertise
Mexico, Panama, Colombia