2018 Latin American Business Environment Report


Brian Gendreau, Director of the Latin American Business Environment Program, Clinical Professor of Finance

Timothy McLendon, Staff Attorney in the Center for Governmental Responsibility

Other Publications: 

“Trump nods to Cuban exiles, rolls back ties:  Experts React – Bad for Business?” The Conversation, June 16, 2017. William M. LeoGrande with Brian Gendreau.

“What Castro’s death and Trump’s election mean for Cuba’s economic awakening.” The Conversation, December 14, 2016. Brian Gendreau.

“Is there life after death for Puerto Rico?” The Huffington Post, July 3, 2016, and The Conversation, June 30, 2016. Brian Gendreau.

“Can Puerto Rico escape its $72 billion debt trap and avoid Greece’s fate?" The Conversation, May 11, 2016. Brian Gendreau.

“As Obama makes historic visit, is Cuba ready for change?" The Conversation, March 21, 2016. Brian Gendreau with William Messina, reprinted in Huffington Post and New Republic.com.

Brazilians Working with Americans/Brasileiros que trabalham com americanos. Cultural Case Studies/Estudos de casos culturais, January, 2006. Orlando R. Kelm and Mary E. Risner.

Video clips that accompany "Brazilians Working with Americans:  Cultural Case Studies," By Orlando R. Kelm and Mary E. Risner.

"The Business of Languages in the Classroom Today: A Model for K-12 Professional Development," Global Business Languages: Vol. 18, Article 10.  Risner, Mary E. and Markley, Linda (2013).

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