The Master of Arts in Latin American Studies (MALAS) with a specialization in Business Environment gives students graduate level interdisciplinary training relevant for careers dealing with business and investment in Latin America. Candidates are required to have undergraduate majors or minors in business, finance, or economics. Some Latin American coursework and background is desirable.


Students in the Center for Latin American Studies MALAS program with a Business Environment specialization must complete a total of 30 course credits, write a thesis on an interdisciplinary topic relevant to the specialization and demonstrate proficiency in one Latin American language.

Students must take at least 15 credits within the business concentration. There are three required courses for seven credits, while the remaining eight credits can be fulfilled from a list of optional courses selected in consultation with the concentration coordinator.

The remaining 15 credits required for the MALAS degree will be selected from the Center’s list of approved Latin American courses, in consultation with the Center’s graduate coordinator and must include LAS 6938–Issues and Perspectives in Latin American Studies, and LAS 6293–Design & Methods of Research in Latin America.

Required Courses

Elective Courses

Master of International Business*

  • ACG 6265 International Accounting & Taxation (2 credits)
  • BUL 6852 International Business Law (2 credits)
  • ECO 6571 Open Economy Macroeconomics (2 credits)
  • FIN 6608 Finance Management/Multinational Corporation (2 credits)
  • FIN 6638 International Finance (2 credits)
  • FIN 6642 Global Entrepreneurship (2 credits)
  • GEB 6366 International Business (2 credits)
  • MAN 6618 International Operation/Logistics (2 credits)
  • MAN 6635 International Human Resource Management (2 credits)
  • MAN 6636 Global Strategic Management (2 credits)
  • MAR 6157 International Marketing (2 credits)
  • FIN 6575 Emerging Markets Finance (2 credits)

*Students must have permission from the MIB advisor to enroll in MIB courses.
Please contact Ana I. Portocarrero, 352-273-0341.

College of Journalism and Communication

  • ADV 6608 International Advertising (3 credits)
  • PUR 6608 Strategic Public Relations Management: International Perspective (3 credits)

College of Law**

  • LAW 6262 International Trade Law
  • LAW 6930 International Trade and Environment
  • LAW 6936 International Business Transactions
  • LAW 6930 Law of NAFTA
  • LAW 6936 Dispute Settlement under International Trade and Investment Agreements
  • LAW 6936 International Trade and Human Rights
  • LAW 6936 Trade, Labor and Environment
  • LAW 6930 Law & Policy in the Americas (3 credits)

**Law credit hours vary. Students must have the permission of the Dean of Student Services to enroll in Law courses—Dean Richard Ludwick, 352-392-0421.

Food and Resource Economics

  • AEB 6645 Economic Development and Agriculture (3 credits)
  • AEB 6651 Agricultural Role in Latin America (3 credits)
  • AEB 6675 International Agribusiness Marketing (3 credits)


  • LAS 6905 Latin American Business Internships (1-4 credits)

Political Science

  • CPO 6905 Latin American Political Economy

Business Language

  • SPN 3224 Business FLAC–Spanish (1 credit)
  • POR 3224 Business FLAC–Portuguese (1 credit)
  • SPN 3440 Commercial Spanish (3 credits)