Globalization and the rise of transnational communities have compelled the Center to foster the integration of the fields of Latin American Studies and Latino Studies. The Center is building a Latino Studies program that adopts a comparative approach to the study of different Hispanic/Latino groups in the US and that is grounded in the study of the interdependence between the US and Latin America.

In early 2012 the Center received a grant from the Ford Foundation to develop a Program for Immigration, Religion, and Social Change (PIRSC) that will benefit immigrant communities in the U.S. South. In face of the intense pressures and hostility experienced by many new immigrants to the region, and the paucity of social services available to strengthen their neighborhoods and communities, PIRSC seeks to develop effective models of intervention, exchange, and outreach, deploying the resources of the University of Florida to address the urgent needs of immigrant communities. The Center is partnering with faculty in the colleges of Education, Liberal Arts and Sciences and Nursing, and with nongovernmental organizations in the region.

Students enrolled in the MA in Latin American Studies (MALAS) degree program may complete a specialization in Latino Studies. This specialization accounts for approximately half of the courses required for the MALAS degree.

UF faculty members from across campus engage in research and teach on Latinos.



Research Interests

Barradas, Efraín

Latin American Studies / Spanish & Portuguese

Cultural studies, literature

Coady, Maria

Teaching & Learning

ESOL/bilingual education

De Jong, Ester

Teaching & Learning

ESOL/bilingual education

Flocks, Joan

Center for Governmental Responsibility

Agricultural labor, child labor

Hedrick, Tace


Chicana/o studies, feminist theory, feminist art history

Hernández-Truyol, Berta


Gender/race, Latinas/os in the law

Lucero, Robert


Consumer and clinician-centered health information technology, Latino caregivers

Malavet, Pedro


Comparative law, critical race theory, LatCrit theory

Mata, Tony

Theatre & Dance

Musical theatre

Ortiz, Paul


Oral history, Latino history

Stacciarini, Jeanne-Marie


Psychiatric and mental health nursing

Suarez, Cecilia

Agricultural Education and Communication

Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality of identities, Higher Education Leadership, Women of Color in education, Latin@ Studies

Torres Rivera, Edil

Counselor Education

Multicultural counseling

Vargas, Nicholas

Latin American Studies

Latino Studies, racial classification and stratification, immigration, interpersonal networks

Williams, Philip

Latin American Studies / Political Science

Religion and politics, democratization, social movements, transnational migration

Zsembik, Barbara


Latino sociology, demography of health and aging in minority populations