Research & Training

Center-based and affiliate faculty lead cross-campus interdisciplinary research and graduate training programs on themes of importance to Florida and the Latin American region. The Center's current research and training programs are as follows:

Crime, Law, and Governance seeks to train graduate students and produce scholarly and policy-relevant research on crime and violence in Latin America.

Immigration and Latinos fosters the integration of the fields of Latin American Studies and Latino Studies due to globalization and the rise of transnational communities.

Latin American Business Environment addresses the economic, social, and political factors that influence business investments and public policy decisions in the hemisphere.

Law and Policy in the Americas researches rule of law, judicial reform, and human rights in the Americas.

The Florida-Brazil Linkage Institute links the resources of the universities of the State University System and the community colleges of the Florida Community College System with those of state government and business to forge partnerships with Brazilian educational, government, and private-sector institutions.

Tropical Conservation and Development advances biodiversity, sustainable resource management, and the welfare of rural people in the tropics through interdisciplinary graduate education, research, and collaborative learning and practice.