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Each year, the Center for Latin American Studies welcomes various researcher and visiting scholars from across the globe. Center scholars engage with our faculty and students, expand upon their research by taking advantage of UF's resources, and help bring new scholarly and cultural perspectives to our community. Below are the current research and visiting scholars at the Center.


Visiting Scholars


Amanda D. Concha-Holmes

Applied Ecological and Visual Anthropologist
Courtesy Faculty

I explore the sensuality, impressions and communications that are evoked through senses of place, people, multispecies encounters and touch through emerging practices of experiential and experimental devices. My work highlights lived experiences where dichotomies and divisions are blurred, attending instead to emotional textures of intimacy, soundscapes of embodied, sensous ways of knowing and local knowledge that does not privilege solely the agency of human actors nor rely primarily on a linear narrative and didactic logic. This academic-artistic endeavor is aimed at bringing feminist, decolonial ways of knowing the world to the forefront. Toward this effort, I propose a methodological intervention that I call Evocative Ethnography, which favors a sensorial realm to explore, interpret and share research. My current research projects include Embodiment & Emplacement as Integral to Knowledge Construction, Somatic Communication, African Descendants in the Americas, Multispecies Ethnography, Decolonial and Feminist Epistemologies, & Visual Anthropology Methods (collection, analysis and dissemination).

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