Vanessa Luna



Lima, Peru


B.S. in Biology in La Molina Agrarian University, Lima


Animal plant ecological interactions. Andes amazon ecosystem. Climate change. Community-based conservation.  Natural protected areas.


Vanessa has worked in ecology and conservation in the Andes-Amazon ecosystem of her home country, focusing on natural protected areas. For three years, she worked as the Science Coordinator of two recognized biological stations in the Manu National Park buffer zone, where being involved in promoting information share of scientific data among park rangers, indigenous conservationists, government environmental regulators, etc. More recently, she was part of a project to create a Private Conservation Area in northern Peru, carrying out the socioeconomic evaluation and supporting the creation of adequate mechanisms for forests management within a campesino community. Vanessa is interested in the plant-animal ecological interactions in the Amazon forests, especially in seed dispersal by large mammals. In addition, she is interested in evaluating the effectiveness of private and communal conservation projects as well as in creating efforts to expand scientific information on biodiversity to spaces outside the academic context. Vanessa is excited to be pursuing the MALAS degree with a specialization in Tropical Conservation and Development.