Treethep Srisa-nga (Pepe)


Bangkok, Thailand


B.A. in Spanish (First-class Honors), Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok, Thailand)


Populism, nationalism, democratization, military and politics, cult of personality, violence, comparative politics, Venezuela


Treethep was born and raised in Thailand, a Southeast Asian nation whose democratization has been hampered by more than a dozen successful military coups over the past century. During his four years at Chulalongkorn University, he was introduced to Latin America, a faraway region that means nothing more than soccer and violence to many Thais. From there, he began his interests in comparative Latin American – Southeast Asian contemporary history and politics. Along with comparative politics, he has focuses his studies on populism, the exploitation of national history and the cult of personality, particularly when employed by the state as an apparatus for boosting political support and galvanizing a strong sense of nationalism.

Before joining Spanish international news agency Agencia EFE as an editorial assistant/translator and English video editor covering Asian and Latin American news, Treethep had worked as a research assistant at the Department of History, Thammasat University, in Bangkok. Among the research projects he helped contribute during his time at Thammasat University was “The Misinterpretations and Misunderstandings of Populism in Thailand: Lessons Learned from Latin America,” which explores the different shades of “populism” and authoritarianism, as well as the nature of Latin American democracies in comparison with that of Thailand. He is also the translator of Jorge Orlando Melo’s book Historia Mínima de Colombia (to be published in 2019) into the Thai language, as well as Elías Pino Iturrieta’s Historia mínima de Venezuela. He looks forward to pursuing the MALAS degree and to joining UF’s Center for Latin American Studies.