Priscila Stephanie Barravecchia


Buenos Aires, Argentina | Clewiston and Fort Myers, Florida


Undergraduate, 4th-year student


Migration, Latin American Politics, Undocumented Communities, Foreign Policy, Latin American Conflicts & Revolutions, History


After graduating from high school in 2013, I took a year off to travel and work. That year, I ended up living behind a zoo, between two Buddhist temples, one Hindu temple, and a mosque in the middle of a rural town in Malaysia. It not only changed my outlook and priorities, but also eventually led me to the University of Florida, where history classes have reshaped my identity as a Latina and as an immigrant. Today I am a combined Bachelors/ Masters degree student in the MALAS program, immersed in immigration issues and law. Aside from interning at an immigration law office and being involved with the Latinx organizations on campus, I conduct research on undocumented university students, under the guidance of Dr. Vargas at the Center for Latin American Studies.

My favorite poet, Lord Byron, once wrote, “Those that know the most must mourn the deepest. “ Academia brings about knowledge, and knowledge about immigration issues specifically can lead to sorrow, but to me it is the channel through which I can focus those “sorrows” and reconstruct them into tools for action.

Priscila Stephanie Barravecchia