Natasha Joseph



Tampa, FL


B.S. in Biological Engineering, Minors in African American Studies and Biomechanics, University of Florida


Haiti, environmental decay, deforestation, climate change, soil erosion, clean water solutions, alternative fuel methods, sustainable conservation, gender, and racialization.


Natasha’s interest in environmental decay in Haiti began after the disastrous earthquake that struck the country and left it in a disarray that has yet to be reconciled. She grew interested in the state of the environment there and the various vulnerabilities of the country that turned every natural hazard into a disaster. Her research will be in the area of environmental sustainability overcoming the geological, ecological, sociological, and economical factors that prohibit afforestation in Northern Haiti. Her ultimate goal is to create a positionality in Haiti that affords the citizens independence from outside sources and the crutch that the demand for limited resources places on the country. An activist at heart, Natasha will also research how and why women in rural areas are the most impacted by the environment, globalization, and neoliberal policies, and help to find solutions to these issues by utilizing and magnifying the voices of the women on the ground in Haiti. Natasha is excited to be pursuing her MALAS specialization in Tropical Conservation and Development and obtaining certificates in Women and Development and Sustainable Development Practices.