Marcos S. Ramos Valdes



La Habana, Cuba


B.A. with High Honors in Anthropology and Political Science , University of Florida


Caribbean Archaeology, ethnobotany, ethnoarchaeology, concept of indigeneity, ecology of religion, Indigenous people

of the Caribbean, cultural history.


Born in La Habana, Cuba, Marcos’ pre-university education in Cuba helped garner interest in the Liberal Arts. During his undergraduate career, Marcos became heavily interested in the study of Anthropology and Political Science. Marcos was initially interested in the study of Marxist and Fascist political philosophy, believing that their research would help people understand the impact that these ideologies had on recent human history. During the late stages of his undergraduate career, Marcos explored the field of Archaeology through Professor Sassaman’s St. Johns Archaeological Field School. During the field school, Marcos learned that his calling was not political philosophy, but the study of the historical relationship between the indigenous people of the Greater Antilles and their environment, using archaeology and ethnobotany to better understand these relationships. During his time in the MALAS program, Marcos hopes to contribute to socially beneficial research projects that brings an in-depth understanding of the pre-contact indigenous people of the Greater Antilles, their cosmological and botanical connection to their local ecosystems, and the connection to their modern descendants.