Lorenzo Hamilton



Fayetteville, North Carolina


B.A. in Anthropology and International Global Studies (Concentration in Latin American and Caribbean Studies), University of North Carolina at Greensboro


International business, cultural anthropology, race in Latin America, poverty, development, globalism, sustainability, Brazilian studies 


Lorenzo’s interest in Latin America, specifically Brazil, started in 2014 during a six-month study abroad program in Curitiba. While in Brazil, Lorenzo experienced much more than a traditional exchange. He explored different cities, joined a capoeira group and was fortunate enough to have studied Brazilian anthropology and architecture. The experiences that he had during the exchange, along with the knowledge he gained, impacted him both as a person and a scholar. During the rest of his undergraduate studies, Lorenzo continued to focus on issues in Brazil such as development, poverty, and race. Even though Lorenzo has focused on other parts of Latin America, the Caribbean, and received a minor in Spanish, he intends to focus on Brazil and Portuguese. Transitioning into the master’s program, Lorenzo is interested in the development of Brazil and their business with countries such as China, the United States, Germany, and Argentina. He hopes to become more engaged with the global community while developing better business skills that will transfer to the workplace in the future. Lorenzo is both excited and hopeful about his future here at UF. He knows the insight that he will gain through the MALAS program will prove to be useful in the near future.