Laura Chren


Longmont, Colorado


B.A. with distinction in Anthropology, University of Colorado- Boulder


Cultural anthropology, legal anthropology, War on Drugs, violence, power, Mexico, social conflict, illicit flows


Laura's interest in policy and the War on Drugs stemmed from a college class that covered the effects of U.S. foreign drug policy in Latin America. She switched her major to Anthropology and pursued these interests throughout her undergraduate career, which culminated in an internship as a Policy Analyst in the Office of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. She analyzed introduced legislation and proposed action on policies, providing her with the unique opportunity to author a research paper examining the implications of changes to the Colorado Childcare Assistance Program. Both an academic and an activist, she moved to Uganda after graduation to conduct research on the prevalence of human trafficking in East Africa in addition to working for an NGO focused on development through community collaboration and awareness. Laura is excited to be pursuing the MALAS degree and to investigate the outcomes of the 2008 judicial reform in Mexico for her thesis project.