Kalthoum Elfasi



Jacksonville, Florida


B.A. in Spanish, Minor in Political Science, University of North Florida


Racialization, Immigration Law, Civil Rights, Civil Rights and Political Activism, Latino Studies, Latinidad, Inter-communal relationships, digital humanities


Kalthoum first developed an interest in Latin American and Latino Studies during her undergraduate studies. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish, which gave her the opportunity to master the language as well as become introduced to various topics pertaining to Latin America and Latino communities, such as culture, literature, and women’s issues. Through studying political science as her undergraduate minor, Kalthoum became inspired to learn more about topics such as Latino representation and participation in legislation, lawmaking, and government and Latino political activism/action. As a capstone project for her undergraduate studies honors program, Kalthoum worked as a writing tutor for multi-lingual learners, which allowed her to work closely with immigrants and students from abroad, including from Latin America.

During and after her undergraduate studies, Kalthoum also participated for several months in a digital humanities independent study/internship in which she transcribed and coded 17th century documents in Spanish. Upon moving to Gainesville, FL in 2015, she began to volunteer at the George A. Smathers Latin American and Caribbean Collections where she created finding aids for historical sources and collections. As she pursues her MALAS degree, Kalthoum hopes to delve deeper into her interests in the racialization of Latinos and Latino intercommunal relations in the United States.