Julio Villa Palomino


Lima, Peru


BA in Sociology and Licenciatura in Sociology, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru (PUCP)


Mental health & illness, caregiving, emotions, gender, the body, consumption, and media


During his undergrad, Julio was interested in the field of the Sociology of the Body. His Licenciatura thesis focused on beauty among young men in Lima’s higher income segments. He conducted a six-month participant observation and did interviews to explore the role of beauty in emerging masculinities. His work received PUCP’s Prize for Best Sociology Thesis. After his BA, Julio was academic assistant and researcher for the Master of Gender Studies at PUCP and explored intimate partner violence and femicide. He was also a lecturer at the Social Sciences Department at PUCP and at Universidad del Pacifico. Julio joined Universidad del Pacifico' Research Center and worked on youth and consumption and also gender and the body. His current research focuses on caregiving and mental health.

Julio Villa Palomino