Erika Davis


Allentown, Pennsylvania


B.A. in Mathematics, Minors in Music and Latin American Studies, M.Ed. in Secondary Education, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA.


Education of Latino youth, cultural hybridity, identity, strengthening communities, literature, history, race, gender.


My interest in Latin American Studies has grown since childhood, living in a mixed-ethnicity family. Going through the public education system filled me with a passion for teaching and helping others achieve their goals. While I taught students, I also worked as a graduate assistant in the Community Service Office at my university. Overseeing and contributing to community partnerships that benefited families that mirrored my own opened my eyes to the impact of community organizations on education. With experience working in an elementary school and a community college that both serve the community I grew up in, I am excited to pursue a MALAS degree to further explore the education of Latino youth as well as the development of hybrid cultures in the United States.

Erika Davis