David Carlos Rinehart


Gainesville, FL


B.A. in Spanish Linguistics at UF with minor in Latin American Studies


Having a mother that immigrated to the United States from Venezuela and that made the United States our home, I am passionate about understanding the United States immigration and border policy from an anthropological and historical perspective.


I have had the opportunity to explore many different spaces and countries such as Venezuela, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Portugal, France and Spain. I have met people along the way with vastly different life experiences. Many of these interactions have helped shape my perspectives and beliefs. I have worked at Santa Fe College for the last year as a Pre-College Advisor, which has given me a unique opportunity to build my professional persona and develop excellent professional relationships. Working with students and helping them with the delicate intricacies of transitioning into their new life in higher education is the most rewarding job I have ever had. The combination of these experiences has given me the opportunity to come into the MALAS program with a unique background and perspective that has a foundation built around respect, globalization, rigorous work ethic, and professionalism.