Andrew Gallup



Jupiter, Florida


B.A. in Economics, Minor in Spanish, University of Florida


Sustainable Development, Urban Agriculture, Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Food Systems.


Andrew Gallup is a graduate assistant at the Center for Latin American Studies. He majored in economics, however, his minor in Spanish is what impacted him most. After working at the Language Learning Center at UF, he moved to Spain to teach English, study Spanish, and travel. After several years abroad, Andrew returned to his hometown to teach Spanish at his alma mater, work with immigrant residents, and to be close to family. This is when his interest in Latin America intensified. He traveled to Colombia, Peru, and Mexico to gain a deeper understanding of the region and its peoples. He volunteered for community-based projects and taught English while he traveled. These experiences led Andrew to pursue a masters in Latin American Studies. Through his experiences, he developed a keen interest in sustainable development and sustainable food systems. He is thrilled to be back at the University of Florida as a masters student and to dive deeper into his interests.