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Germans on the Move: German Migration and Local Communities in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Lenny A. Ureña Valerio is the Assistant Director for Administration at the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Florida. She studied her BA in history at the University of Puerto Rico and received her PhD in Central/East European history from the University of Michigan. Her dissertation, “The Stakes of Empire: Colonial Fantasies, Civilizing Agendas, and Biopolitics in the Prussian-Polish Provinces, 1840-1914,” was awarded the Distinguished Dissertation Award in Polish Studies by the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in 2010. Her primary research and teaching interests include imperial/colonial studies, European migration to Latin America, Polish diaspora in Brazil, history of medicine and public health, and historical methods and theories. She has published two articles, “An Empire of Scientific Experts: Polish Physicians and the Medicalization of the German Borderlands, 1880-1918,” in Liberal Imperialism in Europe: An Anthology, ed. by Matthew Fitzpatrick (Palgrave MacMillan, 2012), and “An Ethnography of Knowledge: Doctors in Motion, Imperial Agendas, and the Study of Polish and German Subjectivities from a (Post) Colonial Perspective,” Historia y Sociedad (Special Number: “Thinking Through the Cultural Turn: Writing History in an Interdisciplinary and Transnational Age”), Año XVIII-XIX (2007-2008). She is also the Vice President of the Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs (CLASP), Jan. 2019 - Dec. 2020.


Colonial Fantasies, Imperial Realities
Race Science and the Making of Polishness on the Fringes of the German Empire, 1840–1920
August 2019 - Ohio University Press