Latin American Wikispace Resources

Latin American Ecosystems
Understanding Afro-Latin America
Discovering Caribbean Diversity
Intro to Latin America
Espaço português como língua estrangeira
IB History of the Americas Paper 3

The Center is working with K–12 teachers to create a series of Wikispace resources on a variety of Latin American topics to be used by individual teachers or in conjunction with professional development events.

Network of Business Language Educators (NOBLE)

NOBLE is a new and evolving community which brings together professionals across all disciplines and all languages to collaborate and exchange ideas for building programs and curriculum that will prepare our students to be global leaders. The primary goal of the group is to integrate global relevance into the curriculum and better prepare students with language and culture skills for the 21st-century workplace.

Other Latin American Business Resources

A Gator in Rio–Business in Brazil 2011
Retailing in Brazil
Florida Brazil Business Link

Latin American and Latino Studies Reader

The reader consists of 20 texts that enhance students' reading skills and knowledge of Latin American and Latino Studies. All texts meet Florida State Curriculum Standards. Hard copies or CDs of the readers are available upon request. You can download the reader as a pdf file here.

Tulane's Stone Center for Latin American Studies

A new K-12 curriculum about the modern Maya based on the Stone Center's 2012 Summer Teacher Institute in Guatemala is now available for free download on the LARC website.

The curriculum includes resources for art, English Language Arts (ELA), and Spanish classes at the K-12 level, although the information could easily be integrated into a variety of classes! For more information about the development of this curriculum, please read the news item here.

This unit is timely as the 12th annual Tulane Maya Symposium quickly approaches this March 19 – 22, 2015 in New Orleans, LA.  This year's symposium, Royal Chambers Unsealed: Tombs of the Classic Maya, features a variety of speakers and specialties related to ancient Maya civilization. For more information about the symposium, please visit the Middle American Research Institute site by clicking here.