Event Funding Request


The Center provides financial and administrative support for a limited number of activities each year, which are considered on a rolling basis until funds are exhausted.  The Center welcomes proposals to organize small, on-campus events such as lectures, public presentations, and panel discussions. For larger events, the Center only accepts co-sponsorship proposals and encourages applicants to seek support from other departments or colleges.

The below form will help you submit an event funding request. If you would also like help in marketing and promoting your event, please contact Patricia Alba at patricia@latam.ufl.edu

Request Guidelines

Requests should include the following:

  • Event title
  • Logistical information (date, time, location)
  • Participants (name and institutional affiliation)
  • A brief description of the content and thematic relevance of the event. All events must have an academic or cultural significance. The Center does not support social events.
  • Itemized budget with other funding sources secured or sought.
  • If applying for sponsorship, please specify the amount of funding requested or, if applicable, the type of administrative help that is needed (e.g., publicity, logistical arrangements, accounting). All initiatives that receive funding or other forms of support must include the name and/or logo of the Center on all printed and digital publicity.
  • Please submit your proposal as early as possible, but no later than two weeks prior to the date of your event.
  • Individual travel by University of Florida faculty and students will not be considered for funding.

Please keep in mind that all activities should be free and open to the public. Please complete the below form to submit your event proposal. You can also contact to Magdianis Martinez, the Program Coordinator, at mmartinez@latam.ufl.edu with any questions.