MDP Forum Event

Event Start Date: March 13, 2017 3:00 PM
Event End Date: March 13, 2017 4:30 PM


"My Experience from the Field with Catholic Relief Services: Faith. Action. Results."
Daniel McQuillan

Grinter 404

Based on his past five years of experience in Guatemala and Mexico, Dan's talk will explore the concrete actions that Catholic Relief Services is taking to help farming families improve their agricultural livelihoods and adapt to the pressures of climate change.

This will include a look at CRS' increasing use of technology, evidence, and always its guiding principles, in designing these programs. The talk will conclude by briefly addressing some trends CRS has identified in the larger development world and the profile of a professional that organizations like CRS are seeking.

Dan manages Catholic Relief Services' agriculture livelihoods portfolio in Guatemala and Mexico. The program includes work on food security and nutrition, soil and water management, agricultural extensions, and coffee production. Prior to joining CRS in 2012, he worked in agriculture in the Ecuadorian Amazon, a rural orphanage in Honduras, and as a cowboy for years on ranches across the Colorado Rockies. Dan is from Calgary, Alberta and has a Master's in Development Practice with a Certificate in Tropical Agriculture from the University of Florida, and a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University in Montreal.