A Social-Ecological System Approach to Urban Lake Studies

Event Start Date: January 31, 2017 12:45 PM
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Presented by Dr. Mansai Ball Bhargava

A Social-ecological System approach to Urban Lake Studies

Presented By Dr. Mansai Bal Bhargava

Center for Behaviour, Institutions and Environment

Arizona State University

January 31, 2017 


Grinter 376


Urban lake (as an example of water/natural resources) is a social-ecological system involving complex problems and processes which make its governance difficult and sustainability uncertain. The project is about the contextual and institutional environments those facilitating/challenging the integration of urban lakes into the development of the cities. A philosophical enquiry is: what conditions facilitate/ challenge integration? A multi-tier ontological structure of the Social-ecological System framework (Ostrom, 2010) is conceptualised and contextualised into the variables/sub-variables of urban lake system and classified into: the lake bio-physical, the value/functions of the lake (together referred as contextual environment); the users of the lake, the organizations and the rules of the game (together referred as institutional environment) to look after them. Those are nested in a socio-economic-political-cultural settings and related developments of a place in time. The main body consists of a pattern language of the variables/sub-variables of urban lakes reflecting the opportunities/challenges in integration. It includes identification, description and explanation of the variables and their interrelationships. Each variable forming a chapter includes: its meaning; its position in the framework; typical problems generated by it followed by atypical solutions based on the empirical evidences; and in the end a list of interrelated variables for reference.


Biography: Dr. Mansee Bal Bhargava is currently a Fulbright Scholar (2016-17) at Center for Behaviour, Institutions and Environment of School of Sustainability of Arizona State University. She is an entrepreneur and educator. Her entrepreneurial work is carried out with Akshay Bhargava through Environmental Design Consultants, Ahmedabad, and includes landscape and architectural consulting for residential, institutional, industrial, and recreational developments; and research on ecological approach to managing social-ecological systems like urban lakes, brownfield sites, development sites, public spaces, etc. Her education activities are diverse in affiliation and field, spanning architecture, planning, governance, and sustainability. She promotes her designed courses in these fields and promotes doing sustainability research in India. Her pedagogy encourages sensitive and productive citizenship.