The Master of Arts in Latin American Studies (MALAS) specialization in Caribbean Studies draws primarily on the disciplines of anthropology, geography, history, and literature. The goal of the specialization is to study the origins, development, and contemporary problems of Caribbean societies and cultures.


MALAS students must complete 30 credit hours, including a thesis, internship or capstone project  related to the specialization, and demonstrate advanced proficiency in two of the languages spoken in the Caribbean, including English. The course requirements are distributed as follows:

  • 6 hours of gateway seminars:
    • LAS 6220 Issues and Perspectives in Latin American Studies
    • LAS 6292/3 Research Design and Methods in Latin American Studies
  • 12-15 hours of courses in the specialization (see below)
  • 3-6 hours of courses with Latin American content outside the specialization, selected in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Richmond Brown

Thesis students must register for LAS 6971, Master’s Research, in the semester of graduation—at least 3 credit hours for or spring, or 2 credit hours for summer.

Courses in the Specialization

The specialization in Caribbean studies comprises 12 to 15 credit hours. Students are required to complete two required courses (six hours) and will select the other six or nine hours (normally two or three courses) from a list of optional courses, in consultation with their faculty advisor.

Required Courses

  • LAH 5475 The Caribbean, 19th & 20th Century
  • LAH 5476 Caribbean History to 1800

Optional Courses

  • AEB 6933 Contemporary Caribbean Agro-Economy
  • ANG 5303 Women and Development
  • ANG 6303 Seminar in Gender and Development
  • ANG 5702 Gender and International Development
  • ANG 6930 Transnational Migration
  • ANG 6115 Problems in Caribbean Prehistory
  • ANG 6387 Anthropology of Latin America (with Caribbean focus)
  • ANG 6930 Cuba, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico
  • ARC 6793 Architecture History: Latin America & Caribbean
  • ARC 6911 Architectural Research I–Preservation Institute: The Caribbean
  • ARC 6912 Architectural Research II–Preservation Institute: The Caribbean
  • ARC 6913 Architectural Research III–Preservation Institute: The Caribbean
  • GEA 6309 Geography of Middle America and the Caribbean
  • HCS 6625 Trends in International Health
  • INR 5935 International Politics of Latin America
  • LAH 5933 Topics in Caribbean History
  • LAH 5934 Special Topics
  • LAS 6938 Gender and Development
  • MUH 6548 Seminar in Caribbean Music
  • MUN 6495 Steel Drum Ensemble
  • SPW 6902 Special Study in Spanish-American Literature (with Caribbean focus)
  • ZOO 5315C Natural History of the Caribbean Area


  • Efraín Barradas (Caribbean literature, Latino studies, Mexican culture; Caribbean and Mexico)
  • Kenneth Broadway (Percussion; Caribbean)
  • Carlton G. Davis (International trade/development, Caribbean agro economic systems; Caribbean)
  • Susan de France (Zooarchaeology; Andes and Caribbean)
  • Carmen Diana Deere (Agricultural development, gender, land policy, rural labor markets;  Cuba, Central America, comparative)
  • James Essegbey (Descriptive, documentary and theoretical linguistics, Creole studies, Caribbean)
  • David Geggus (History, colonialism and slavery; Haiti)
  • Clarence Gravlee (Ethnic disparities in health, cultural dimensions of psychosocial stress; Puerto Rico)
  • Lillian Guerra (History; Cuba; Spanish-speaking Caribbean)
  • Benjamin Hebblethwaite (Haitian Creole instruction and research; Haiti)
  • Faye Harrison (African diaspora, social inequality, human rights, political economy; Caribbean)
  • Michael Lauzardo (Tuberculosis, general pulmonary disease, mycobacterial infections; Haiti, Dominican Republic)
  • Michael Leslie (Telecommunications, Cuban mass media)
  • Pedro Malavet (Comparative law, critical race theory, Lit Crit theory; Puerto Rico, Latino Studies)
  • Corene Matyas (Climatology, hurricanes, climate and change; Caribbean)
  • William Messina (International trade; Caribbean)
  • Augusto Oyuela Caycedo (Archaeology; Circum-Caribbean)
  • Alfonso Pérez-Méndez (Architecture, design; Cuba, Caribbean)
  • Rhonda Phillips (Technology-based economic development for communities and regions; Caribbean)
  • William Tilson (Architecture, design, history, preservation, theory; Caribbean)

Contact Information

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Gainesville, FL 32611-5530
Tel: (352) 392-0375
Fax: (352) 392-7682

Graduate Advisor
Susan Paulson

Specialization Coordinator
David Geggus