Arts and Culture of Latin America

The Arts and Culture specialization provides opportunities for intellectual and professional development for students interested in careers related to the arts in Latin America – academia, creative and critical writing, museums, arts administration, performance and related fields. It draws on the rich faculty and arts support resources at UF, and encourages a deeper understanding and appreciation of the extraordinary artistic traditions and cultural production of Latin America and the Caribbean.


  • 6 hours of gateway seminars:
    • LAS 6293 Research Design and Methods in Latin American Studies
    • LAS 6220 Issues and Perspectives in Latin American Studies
  • 18 hours of approved arts courses, comprising at least two fields; at least 9 hours must be in a single field  (see courses below)
  • 6 hours of thesis, internship or non-thesis project

Approved Arts Courses

(Note: suitable undergraduate classes at the 3000-4000 level may be taken for graduate credit as LAS 6905 with additional work and with the approval of the instructor and graduate coordinator)

Art History and Museum Studies

  • ARH 5667: Colonial Andean Art
  • ARH: Methods of Research and Bibliography
  • ARH 5905: Individual Study
  • ARH 6654: Pre-Columbian Arts Seminar
  • ARH 6666: Colonial Latin American Art Seminar
  • ARH 6797 Museum Education
  • ARH 6836: Exhibitions Seminar
  • ARH 6895: Collections Management Seminar
  • ARH: 6918: Independent Study in Non-Western Art History (when focused on Latin America)
  • ARH 6930: Special Topics in Museology

Latin American Studies

  • LAS 6938: Art and Literature in Latin America
  • LAS 6938: Music, Politics and Identity in Brazil


  • MUH 5219: Graduate Music History Review
  • MUH 5505: Introduction to Ethnomusicology
  • MUH 5684: Introduction to Historical Musicology
  • MUH 6515: Musics of the World
  • MUH 6545: The Guitar in Latin American Culture
  • MUH 6548: Seminar in Caribbean Music
  • MUH 6549: Seminar in Brazilian Music
  • MUH 6935: Special Topics in Music History
  • MUH 7938: Musicology Seminar

Spanish American, Brazilian, and Caribbean Literature

  • LIT 6236: Panama Silver, Asian Gold: Reimagining Diasporas, Archives, and the Humanities
  • LIT 6236: Tourism, the Caribbean & Literature
  • LIT 6236: Caribbean Culture & U.S. Imperialism
  • LIT 6236: Before Windrush: Victorian & Modernist literature of the Caribbean
  • POW 6276: Twentieth Century Brazilian Novel
  • POW 6385: Brazilian Lyric
  • POW 6386: Brazilian Drama
  • POW 6905: Individual Work
  • POW 6930: Rotating Topics in Brazilian or Portuguese Literature (when focused on Brazil)
  • SPW 6209: Colonial Spanish American Literature
  • SPW 6236: Spanish American Narrative from the Origins to Criollismo
  • SPW 6285: Contemporary Spanish American Narrative I
  • SPW 6286: Contemporary Spanish American Narrative II
  • SPW 6306: Spanish American Theater
  • SPW 6356: Spanish American Poetry from Romanticism to Vanguardismo
  • SPW 6537: Contemporary Spanish American Poetry
  • SPW 6366: Spanish American Essay
  • SPW 6902 Special Study in Spanish American Literature
  • SPW 6934: Seminar in Spanish American Literature and Culture

Options may also include courses in architecture, literature of the Francophone Caribbean and appropriate theatre and dance classes.



  • Martha Kohen
  • Alfonso Perez Mendez 

Art and Art History

  • Kaira Cabanas
  • Coco Fusco
  • Maria Rogal
  • Maya Stanfield-Mazzi
  • Sergio Vega 


  • Efrain Barradas
  • Mary Elizabeth Ginway
  • Ben Hebblethwaite
  • Tace Hedrick
  • Emily Hind
  • Charles Perrone
  • Leah Rosenberg
  • Martin Sorbille


  • Kenneth Broadway
  • Larry Crook
  • Silvio Dos Santos
  • Ulises Rocha
  • Kristin Stoner
  • Welson Tremura

Theatre and Dance

  • Joan Frosch
  • Tony Mata


Graduate Advisor
Susan Paulson

Specialization Coordinator
Maya Stanfield-Mazzi