The Master of Arts in Latin American Studies (MALAS) specialization in Andean Studies draws primarily upon area expertise in the disciplines of history, anthropology, art history, and political science. Core courses provide disciplinary knowledge about the Andean region. Optional courses permit further specialization.


MALAS students must complete 30 credit hours of approved courses, including a thesis, internship or capstone project on a topic related to the specialization, and demonstrate advanced proficiency in Spanish.

The course requirements are distributed as follows:

  • 6 hours of gateway seminars:
    • LAS 6220 Issues and Perspectives in Latin American Studies
    • LAS 6292/3 Research Design and Methods in Latin American Studies
  • 12-15 hours of courses in the specialization (see below)
  • 3-6 hours of courses with Latin American content outside the specialization, selected in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Richmond Brown

Thesis students must register for LAS 6971, Master's Research, in the semester of graduation—at least 3 credit hours for fall or spring, or 2 credit hours for summer.

Courses in the Specialization

The specialization in Andean studies comprises 12-15 credit hours. Students are required to complete two core courses (six hours) and will select the other six to nine hours (normally two or three courses) from a list of optional courses, in consultation with their faculty advisor.

Core Courses (at least two of the following):

  • ANG 5339 The Incas and Their Ancestors
  • ARH 5667 Colonial Andean Art
  • LAH 5527 Andean Nations

Optional Courses (may include those not taken above):

  • ANG 5334 Peoples of the Andes
  • ARH Ancient Andean Art
  • ANG 6292 Priestly/Imperial Societies
  • ANG 6086 Historical Ecology
  • CPO 6307 Latin American Politics
  • GEO 6419 Geography of South America
  • LAS 6938 Latin American Area Seminar
  • LAH 5934 Topics in Latin American History
  • REL 5195 Religion and Social Change

Language Recommendations

Advanced knowledge of Spanish is currently the only language expectation. However, Andean Studies students are strongly encouraged to pursue training in Aymara and/or Quechua language at another US university (e.g. Chicago, Cornell, UCLA or Wisconsin), or at one of the several centers of language instruction in the Andean region.


  • Carmen Diana Deere (Economics, Development; Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru)
  • Susan de France (Anthropology, Zooarchaeology; Andes)
  • Richard Kernaghan (Anthropology; Peru)
  • Bruce J. MacFadden (Florida Museum of Natural History, Natural Sciences; Bolivia)
  • Michael Moseley (Anthropology, Archaeology; Peru)
  • Augusto Oyuela-Caycedo (Anthropology, Archaeology; Colombia, Peru)
  • Susan Paulson (Anthropology, Gender, Environment, Political Ecology, Bolivia)
  • Francis Putz (Botany, Forestry; Ecuador)
  • Maya Stanfield-Mazzi (Art History)
  • Mark Thurner (History and Anthropology; Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia)
  • Philip Williams (Political Science; Chile, Peru)

Contact Information

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Tel: (352) 392-0375
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Graduate Advisor
Susan Paulson

Specialization Coordinator
Mark Thurner