Fiscal Policies for Payments and Reimbursement

General Policies & Procedures

  • A task sheet is required for all fiscal transactions, and these task sheets are available online and in 319 Grinter Hall. Completed task sheets should be submitted to 319 Grinter Hall for all fiscal transactions, including Travel, P-Card purchases, payments to outside vendors, personal reimbursement, and all transactions involving paying people or Payroll.
  • Our fiscal policy is to initiate a transaction within five days of the task sheet’s submission to the front office. All forms need to be filled out completely. Forms with missing information will be returned to the person who submitted it so s/he can complete the task sheet.
  • Some tasks cannot be completed within a five-day window. Transactions that often take more than 5 business days are: establishing non-UF travelers in the UF PeopleSoft system, payments for non-resident aliens or foreign vendors/persons, and payroll.
  • Please do not use staples or include double-sided copies - all submissions must eventually be faxed to the central UF office responsible (Purchasing, Travel, P-Card, Payroll) by the fiscal office so all documents must be single-sided.

Personnel Task Sheet 

  • This task sheet is to be used for any payment to a person, as an individual, that is not a personal reimbursement.
  • Personnel paperwork often takes far longer than five days to get into the system, so provide as much advance notice as possible.

Travel Task Sheet

Please review our Travel Guidelines before completing a Travel Task Sheet.

  • The new Travel Task Sheet will now be used for Travel Authorizations (TA), Travel Expense Reports (ER), and personal reimbursements (ER). A TA must be in place for all travel managed through the Center. UF requires a TA be in place for foreign travel, travel for conferences, and for any travel with pre-paid purchases (such as airfare or lodging) on a P-Card.
  • TAs should be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the date of travel if the travel is for a UF employee. If the travel is for a non-UF employee, just getting the traveler in the UF system can take 7-10 business days so plan accordingly.
  • Travel requires a request for a Foreign Visiting Traveler Payment at least 14 days prior to their arrival.
  • Cash Advances require reconciliation into PeopleSoft within 10 days of the date of the return from the travel. Failure to do so can jeopardize the opportunity for future Cash Advances.
  • A short explanation in English is required by Travel on all foreign receipts that are not in English.

Voucher Task Sheet 

  • All P-Card receipts must be submitted to the fiscal office within 3 days after the purchase. Fiscal staff has 15 days to reconcile expenditures in the system and failure to do so can now result in loss of P-Card privileges at the UF level.
  • Vendor payments are paid out based on the terms the vendor sets up when they submit their application to be a Vendor to Purchasing.  In general, independent subcontractors/individuals are paid out on a net 10-day cycle and companies, unless they specify otherwise, are paid out on a net 30-day cycle.  This means that they are typically paid out X days from the date of the invoice.  We are not able to change those terms.

Quick reference for Task Sheets


Jessica Mrozinske Baker, Accounting Coordinator
Phone: 352-273-4707

Jessica Caicedo, Fiscal Assistant III
Phone: 352-273-4735